Carbotect™ adds significant value across a broad range of industry sectors. If your industry is not listed below, you are welcome to CONTACT US directly.



Alcoholic Beverages

Carbotect™ is used for the detection of residual organic contaminants in the equipment used in all fermented beverage processing and packaging equipment.



Carbotect™ is effective for the detection of organic product residues in all processing equipment from the brew house through to the packaging hall and specifically includes fillers and bottle washers. It has also been used to verify the sanitary status of the water quality supplied to yeast fermentation vessels as well as both product and process water (bottle rinsing)



Carbotect™ is highly sensitive to the sugar constituents of wine and is thus effective for the detection of residual organic soils across all wine processing facilities. This use will also extend to include sparkling wines and spritzer type products. The detection of Biofilm in both product and process water supply systems is equally relevant as with other beverage production facilities.


Carbonated Soft Dinks (CSD’s)  

The Carbotect™ technology has been used to detect persistent in-process product residues in manufacturing and filling equipment following cleaning between brand changes. It has also been used to detect and isolate biofilm presence in the piping systems supplying both process and product water in the same facilities.


As an associated benefit, Carbotect™ is effective for the detection of residues of chemicals used in cleaning procedures. These arise from incomplete cleaning procedures and/or inadequate rinse cycles.

Carbotect™ is immediately reactive to the presence of potent oxidant compounds such as Peracetic acid, Hydrogen Peroxide and Citric, Nitric and Phosphoric acid. These oxidizing compounds result in an immediate decolorisation of the Carbotect™ colour reagent.


Given the proven capacity for the detection of low levels of contaminating organic ingredients, the Carbotect™ test has obvious and direct application in all aspects of the food processing industry. In multi-ingredient manufacturing plants, it is a critical ‘first line’ defense for the detection of ingredient residues which may act as Food Allergens in further products produced and packaged using the same equipment. Consumer safety is paramount and a rapid, on-site diagnostic test to verify sanitary status significantly underwrites quality assurance requirements in high risk facilities.

In addition Carbotect™ can be used to monitor the quality of process water for the presence of biofilm products and hence microbes that may be used in the preparation and processing of perishable meat, fruit and vegetable products.


Carbotect™ is ideally suited for the detection of residual milk sugars and proteins in all aspects of the milk processing industry. This includes all components of the product supply chain from on-farm milking parlours including milking equipment and bulk storage vessels, transport vehicles, through to the final processing plants.
The applications also extend to facilities and equipment for all secondary products i.e. ice cream, yoghurt and flavoured dairy based beverage products.

The water quality used in the cleaning and sanitization of all equipment throughout the value chain can also be validated using the Carbotect™ technology.


For all products which require an ultra-sanitary status for optimum Quality Assured production i.e. pharmaceuticals and cosmetics, the Carbotect™ test will afford a rapid and definitive diagnostic tool to underwrite and support existing quality assurance protocols. It is ideally positioned as an adjunct intervention to complement existing microbial control and organic residue detection and control procedures.

Absolute assurance of optimum product and process water quality is a non-negotiable prerequisite for pharmaceutical and cosmetic manufacturing facilities. Carbotect™ offers these high-risk industries, a unique diagnostic tool to optimally quality assure the sanitary status of the water used in both final products as well as during cleaning and sanitizing procedures.


Carbotect™ is used for the detection and monitoring of effluent organic compounds in waste water treatment plants. It is used to verify compliance with water quality before treated water is discharged to municipal or natural water courses.
Carbotect™ has been validated for the detection of bio-fouling in membrane based water treatment plants – this both for process and potable water production.
A modification of the Carbotect™ test permits the semi-quantification of dissolved organic compounds in membrane filtration plants to predict membrane biofouling. This provides a proactive management tool for timely biocidal treatment before the membranes require lengthy recovery procedures. Carbotect™ has been shown to be effective for the indirect monitoring of system performance of Reverse Osmosis (RO), Ultra-filtration (UF) and Nano-Filtration (NF) membrane systems for both desalination and fresh water treatment.



Carbotect™ has been used to detect and monitor biofilm in the water lines of dentist’s chairs. It offers an indispensable hygiene monitoring tool for both medical and dental facilities where treatment water may impact upon the health of patients and health practitioners alike.