Instant Quality Assurance
Within 5 minutes, CarboTect™ can:
Verify equipment cleaning

Check water quality

Detect biofilm

Detect oxidising chemical residues

Detect ultra-low levels of food allergens



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What is CarboTect™?

Carbotect™ is a simple colour based test to detect organic compounds in equipment in the high risk, food, beverage, water and pharma industries.
It also detects ultra-low levels of organic materials associated with microbial bio-fouling present in factory water systems.
It also detects oxidizing sanitizers used for the cleaning of equipment after incomplete rinsing.

The test is simple. Collect a sample of the final rinse water following cleaning, add the Carbotect™ reagent powder to the 100ml sample bottle as supplied and wait 5 minutes for the resulting colour reaction.
The colour change is measured against the colour chart or a reference standard prepared with distilled water.

Carbotect™ offers a rapid and reliable test of the sanitary effectiveness of the CIP procedure and a semi-quantitative measure of the degree of contamination that may remain in the system.

Carbotect™ can be used to identify and isolate sources of contamination i.e. dead-legs etc., as well as to detail aspects of non-hygienic engineering design in the plant infrastructure.

Industry sectors where Carbotect™ will add immense value:

  • All beverage production and packaging facilities – all soft drinks, fruit juices, ice tea & coffee, flavoured waters, breweries, vineyards, dairies etc.
  • All food processing facilities – processed and perishable foods, ice-cream, ready-to-eat products, prepared sauces and condiments etc.
  • Pharmaceutical plants – Powders, tablets, syrups and other liquid based formulations etc.
  • Bulk water facilities – municipalities, water treatment plants at food, beverage and pharma facilities etc.
  • Hospitality industry – Point-of-use beverage dispensers – draft beer, soft drink fountains etc.

Biofilm is present in processing equipment and piping systems which supply water to the production plant.
Microbes in bulk water systems live in biofilms or slime layers which coat the surfaces of tanks, reservoirs and supply pipes. This slime layer is an accumulation of organic compounds which supports new microbial growth.

The Carbotect™ test is reliably sensitive for detecting the low levels of these organic microbial compounds and is an indicator of microbial contaminants in bulk water systems. In addition, the colour reagent is also sensitive to the presence of proteins and their building blocks – peptides, as well as unrelated polysaccharide compounds such as cellulose and dissolved organic compounds.

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Carbotect™ offers a holistic audit of the sanitary status of the client’s facilities, detailing the efficiency of cleaning and sanitation procedures and evaluates the integrity of the existing CIP/COP protocols.

Carbotect™ detects and monitors Biofilm in water supply systems and identifies sources of biofilm associated contamination.

Carbotect™ also offers a definitive diagnostic test for the presence of potential Food Allergens and residual chemicals in the processing equipment after incomplete cleaning and rinsing procedures.


Carbotect™ offers a composite evaluation of all water sources within high risk production facilities from point of receipt through to ‘point-of-use’. This includes the identification and isolation of sources of microbial bio-fouling as well as biofilm within the water supply systems.



The proprietary Carbotect™ technology is currently protected by the following patents:

SA Patent – ZA 2014/02575

US Patent – US 9,797,877 B2

UK Patent application – GB1604482.8 (Pending)


Carbotect™ has the capacity to detect organic contaminant levels as low as 50ppb (50mg per 1000litres). These residual organic soils are a source of microbial nutrients and hence a definitive predictor of future microbial biofouling and biofilm formation BEFORE it becomes established.


The Carbotect™ test is rapidly responsive to the presence of organic compounds and provides a definitive Quality-Assurance decision making outcome within 5 minutes.


Carbotect™ is ideally suited to low-skills based personnel and/or where there is limited access to competent laboratory facilities.

As a simple colour based test, it is user friendly and does not require sophisticated laboratory equipment to obtain rapid and reliable results.

The proprietary Carbotect™ ‘colour chart’ permits an immediate semi-quantification of the degree of organic contamination.



Carbotect™ is equally effective under a diverse range of environmental conditions and will provide a consistently reliable and repeatable result with each test irrespective of the test situation.


There is no CAPEX investment or associated laboratory requirements required to conduct and complete the test. Carbotect™ is costed in accordance with conventional consumable laboratory expenditure.


Carbotect™ is sensitive to a diverse range of organic compounds and is thus universally applicable to the broad range of food, beverage and associated industries supplying high-risk products to the consumer market. In all sectors, and irrespective of the application, Carbotect™ will deliver a definitive decision outcome within 5 minutes.

To enquire about purchasing, or any general info, please do not hesitate to contact any of the distributors via the info provided below, or send us an email by clicking on the distributor links below:





To enquire about purchasing, or any general info, please do not hesitate to contact any of the distributors via the info provided below, or send us an email by clicking on the distributor links below: