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Carbotect™ is a proprietary colour based diagnostic test for the real-time detection of ultra-low levels of organic contaminants in water samples from high-risk processing equipment.

The test can be applied in all food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing facilities and Carbotect™ can be used for the validation of both Cleaning-in-place (CIP) or Cleaning-out-of-place (COP) procedures. By direct extension Carbotect™ is capable of identifying persistent residues of potential food allergens present in the food and beverage processing equipment after a cleaning procedure.

Carbotect™ is a low-skills based test which empowers plant operators and Quality Assurance personnel to rapidly verify the efficacy of cleaning procedures and is complementary to conventional laboratory based microbiological and residue testing procedures.

By detecting ultra-low levels of organic residues which provide the basis for microbial growth and colonization, the Carbotect™ test affords a pro-active measure to address biofilm formation and the consequences of future downstream microbial contamination.


The Carbotect™ technology has been:

  • Developed and patented for the rapid detection of persistent organic contaminants in food and beverage processing equipment.
  • Re-focussed as an ancillary and rapid diagnostic tool for high risk food processing facilities in order to detect potential Food Allegens to safeguard the health of susceptible consumers.
  • Refined to detect ultra-low concentrations of organic contaminants specifically microbial Exopolysaccharides (EPS) associated with biofilms established in process, product and domestic water supply systems.
  • Positioned as a primary detection tool to identify biofilm presence, and thereafter a monitoring measure to verify the performance efficacy of the biocidal interventions used to control the biofilm.
  • Extended to the dental industry for identification and monitoring of Biofilm build-up in dental equipment specifically Dental Unit Water Lines (DUWL’s).
  • Modified to detect and semi-quantify the presence of Dissolved and Total Organic Compounds (DOC, TOC) in the process water of membrane filtration systems for process and domestic use.
  • Developed as an indispensable and complementary diagnostic tool to safeguard product integrity and thus brand equity.
  • Establishing new measures for the evaluation of hygiene and sanitary standards in accordance with best practice demands and heightened safety and sustainability objectives.





As a professional consultant with experience working for a number of multinational businesses, I have been responsible for assisting with the implementation of unique and innovative technology development strategies and solutions. The inputs cover a wide range of industry fields, in particular: microbiology, food safety and environmental sustainability.  This has resulted in increased product integrity and optimised production efficiency through effective business development and process optimisation.

Continuously seeking to broaden my horizons and expand on my skills and experience, I am dedicated to the research and development of industry alternatives, seeking to combine profitability and consumer safety with reliable and sustainable new processes and methods.

In addition to qualifications in Natural and Veterinary Science, I have an MBA in Entrepreneurship and New Business Initiation. I have completed a PhD in Applied Microbiology, with a focus on the ‘Medical applications of Electro-Chemically Activated water’, a technology which is my particular area of expertise.


I am the developer and proprietor of Carbotect™, a rapid and reliable, colour based diagnostic test to detect organic compounds and to verify cleaning efficacy in high risk Food, Beverage and pharmaceutical equipment.


Throughout my career and using my academic background, I have developed a diverse and multidisciplinary range of skills and water quality assurance tools which have provided a platform to adapt to and effectively manage new industry developments.

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Carbotect™ affords a holistic audit of the sanitary status of the client’s facilities in terms of cleaning and sanitation status and the evaluation of the suitability and efficiency of the existing CIP/COP protocols.

Carbotect™ also offers both an ancillary and definitive diagnostic test result for the detection of potential Food Allergens in the persistent organic residues which may remain in processing equipment following incomplete cleaning and rinsing procedures.




Carbotect™ affords a composite evaluation of all water sources within Food, Beverage and Pharmaceutical production facilities from point of receipt through to ‘point-of-use’. This includes the identification and isolation of sources of microbial bio-fouling and Biofilm within the water supply systems.



The proprietary Carbotect™ technology is currently protected by the following patents:

SA Patent – ZA 2014/02575

US Patent – US 9,797,877 B2

UK Patent application – GB1604482.8 (Pending)


Carbotect™ has the capacity to detect organic contaminant levels as low as 50ppb (50mg per 1000litres). These residual organic soils are a source of microbial nutrients and hence a definitive predictor of future microbial biofouling and biofilm formation BEFORE it becomes established.


The Carbotect™ test is rapidly responsive to the presence of organic compounds and provides a definitive Quality Assurance decision making outcome within 5 minutes.


Carbotect™ is ideally suited to low-skills based personnel and/or where there is limited access to competent laboratory facilities. As a simple colour based test, it is user friendly and does not require sophisticated laboratory equipment to obtain rapid and reliable results.

The proprietary Carbotect™ ‘colour chart’ permits an immediate semi-quantification of the degree of residual organic contamination.



Carbotect™ is equally effective under a diverse range of environmental conditions and will provide a consistently reliable and repeatable result with each test.


There is no costly CAPEX investment or associated laboratory requirements required to conduct and complete the test. Carbotect™ is costed in accordance with conventional consumable laboratory expenditure.


Carbotect™ is sensitive to a diverse range of organic compounds and is thus universally applicable to the broad range of food, beverage and associated industries supplying high-risk products to the consumer market. In all sectors, and irrespective of the application, Carbotect™ will deliver a definitive decision outcome with 5 minutes.